Private Rehomings

The animals listed below are not residents of Hallie Hill, but are looking for a new home through our private rehoming process.

Hallie Hill has not completed any assessments or evaluations of any kind to determine the temperament, disposition, or health of animals being privately rehomed in this process and cannot be held liable for any accidents, including damages or injuries resulting from the placement of this animal in a household.

Animals Needing a Home


Shakira is a cute Chihuahua mix who needs a new home. She is 12 pounds, 5 to 6 years old, and very sweet. She is spayed, is not aggressive about food, and loves to cuddle and play. She is up to date on her immunizations and yearly wellness checks. Shakira is accustomed to a yard, and walks well on a leash. On the downside, she definitely has the Chihuahua bark. She is house broken, unless left for the entire day, which might leave a small puddle. Shakira could be the perfect addition to your family. 


Max is a lab mix who is roughly six years old. He knows all commands and easily teachable if you want to train him. He has had no medical conditions and is in perfect health. He is good with kids, adults, other dogs and cats. He is a cuddle buddy and wishes to be everywhere you are. He does have strong separation anxiety, and has high energy. The dog is a very good judge of character.

Katie and Jerry

Katie and Jerry are two German-Sheppards looking for a new home. They have been residents at the Folly Road Animal Hospital for 2 years.

Katie, 9 years old, is a loving girl that especially likes her toys. She has a goofy personality, and enjoys her time outside. She is a cage guarder, but once you meet her she is a sweetheart. The Folly Road Animal Hospital is not sure if she is good with other animals besides Jerry. 

Jerry, 13 years old, is a handsome boy who loves a good head scratch. He enjoys various treats and he has an amazing time hanging around outside with Katie. Jerry is on a joint supplement because of his age. He also has a booming bark, but is overall very loving. The Folly Road Animal Hospital is not sure if he is good with other animals besides Katie. 

If you are interested in Katie or Jerry, please contact the Folly Road Animal Hospital. 


This is Bella. We love her dearly, but the situation has just become too much for us. She is currently a house dog and is thoroughly house-trained. However, she leaks urine now when her bladder is not completely empty. She dribbles a little when she walks or leaves a little spot after lying down. She has been treated with Proin (Which she had a terrible reaction to!) as well as antibiotics to account for any infection. She is currently on Incurin, which seemed to work well for a while but is no longer 100 % effective. We were told surgery might be an option, but we are not in a place to invest in that financially. We cannot bear the thought of just dropping her off at a shelter somewhere. We want desperately to find her a loving home, either one with more resources to explore treatment or with an outdoor space where this issue will not be a problem. She is a sweet girl that we rescued in January of 2019, and we believe she was 1-2 years old at that point. She is full of life and will chase anything with a motor, from a remote control car to a go-cart or riding lawn mower. She likes to play ball as well. She gets very nervous with loud noises (fireworks, thunder, etc.) and startles easily. We have another dog as well as two cats that she gets along well with (though they play cat and mouse at times .) And we have three boys that she loves, who were 3, 8, and 13 when we rescued her. She is very protective of our home but eagerly welcomes anyone that we welcome inside.


Age: 15 months
Medical: Issues None
Breed: Husky/Shepard/Pit (we think)
Weight: 50 lbs
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Other Cats: No
Spayed or Neutered: Yes
Good with People: Yes
Energy Level: High
Shae is sweet, lovable, pretty, loyal, strong, and protective. She has done great being day-boarded at Dogtopia. No problems at all. If she gets a few walks each day or has a morning walk and then goes to Dogtopia, she generally does well at night. She does bark a lot, but a bark collar has taken care of that. Shae’s owner has recently moved into a retirement community that will not allow Shae to stay.

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