Bud Spotted dog ready for adoption

Bud is an adorable Dalmatian mix with a lot of personality.  He was adopted out by a local rescuer, and his new owners felt very sorry for him because even after several months in their home he would not leave his “safe spot” in the corner of their living room . If they locked the doggie door to force him to stay outside with the other dogs, he would tear up the door.  He was not socialized well as a puppy and is pretty terrified by the entire situation.  He is also very frightened of any sort of collar or leash placed on him.  He is happy as a lark at the sanctuary with his kennel-mates.  He allows us to pet him and actually enjoys a butt scratch- but doesn’t want anyone to linger too much around his neck.  If you are a Dalmatian lover, consider donating in his honor.

*the money may not go directly to the sponsored animal, but will be used where it will have the greatest impact.


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April 28, 2018