Harriet is a fabulous dog and a favorite of many volunteers!  She loves for people to rub her belly and give her loving attention.  She would sit with you for hours to enjoy a movie or a book.  She is considered special needs for a few reasons. First, she’s a mature lady at more than eight years old.  Secondly, she doesn’t do well with other dogs.  Lastly, Harriet was hit by a car and suffered a severely broken pelvis that started to heal before arriving to Hallie Hill. The trauma caused some damage to the nerves in her left hind leg.  Because she doesn’t have much feeling in the leg and paw, she uses it improperly and walking on it wrong causes some swelling in the joints of her toes.  We decided not to have the leg amputated because the vets do not think that Harriet is in pain, and she can still use it to get around. As a matter of fact, Harriet can get around VERY well!  Don’t think that Harriet is a very expensive dog to care for, because she only requires some joint supplements and a daily anti-inflammatory.  She would be so grateful to anyone who would give her a chance in their family.

*the money may not go directly to the sponsored animal, but will be used where it will have the greatest impact.


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March 10, 2017