We can’t change an animal's past, but we can rewrite their future.

Welcome to Hallie Hill

Hallie Hill is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides sanctuary for abandoned, abused, or neglected animals – a home with food, shelter, love, and medical care.

Our Vision

Hallie Hill envisions a future where animals do not suffer because of cruelty or homelessness.

A Home For All Seasons

  Hallie Hill provides a home to special needs dogs that might have trouble finding a home elsewhere.

Make a Difference

Help an animal in need. Adopt a pet or make a donation today.

Animal Sanctuary and Animal Rescue Near Charleston, SC

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Our Mission


To provide a compassionate safe-haven with quality food and medical care for dogs and cats; a temporary home for those able to be adopted and a forever home for those in need. Our dog shelter and cat shelter near Charleston, SC is a haven for animals and our organization strives to be a safe home for dogs and cats in need of adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog or a cat come visit us. 

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Our Annual Holiday Auction

Now – Friday, December 9th

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Thank you for supporting Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary!
And remember, your holiday gift to a loved one is also a gift to local animals in need.

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Our Special Pets

Once we take an animal in, we promise it a home for the remainder of its life, should it not be adopted.  We work with local shelters and rescues taking in dogs that might not get adopted due to age, medical, or behavioral issues helping Charleston to achieve the status of a NO-Kill Community.  Hallie Hill is UNIQUE.  We have over 30 acres of land that provides large enclosures for dogs to live and play.  There is a pond for swimming, dog houses with straw and heat lamps, and individual pools to help keep the animals comfortable.  The animals are well cared for with the help of many dedicated volunteers and staff.

Shelter. Food. Love.

smokeySmokey’s story is much like the others at Hallie Hill. He wandered up to Hallie Hill in 1997. He was found collapsed outside our main fence suffering from severe head wounds and starvation. The employee who first spotted Smokey, mistook him for a scrap of fabric someone had tossed to the ground and described him as a “bag of bones”.

After a few months of love and care, Smokey was far from starving. He enjoyed his time at Hallie Hill and spent his geriatric years tottering around the barn or sunning himself in the yard. He will forever be at home on Hallie Hill – resting in the cemetery.

Hallie Hill provides sanctuary to approximately 200 dogs and cats. Many of these animals bravely survived abuse and or neglect to arrive at Hallie Hill for the care and love they have always deserved. Within days of arriving, each animal is seen by a veterinarian to receive any and all medical attention they need to be healthy – from heartworm treatment to complex surgeries. Once the new arrival is healthy, they are introduced to an enclosure with plenty of space, a house complete with an automatic watering bowl, bedding, and heat lamps in the winter.

Our primary goal at Hallie Hill is to provide a loving home with all of the comforts possible to the animals for which we care.

If you would like an animal to be considered for admission into the sanctuary, please click here.

Visit Smile.Amazon.com and choose Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary as your charitable organization and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchases to Hallie Hill on eligible items every time you shop.
That makes us smile!


“If I were a stray animal this is where I’d want to end up. Beautiful place with large clean pins and lots of shade. You can tell the people that run this place really care. The only thing I can’t figure out is how my awesome little friend stayed here so long without being adopted but I’m glad he did.”


“This is the most amazing place. Its not a kennel or a shelter, but a sanctuary for dogs and cats with no homes. Every animals is lovingly cared for by staff and volunteers, with the goal to connect dogs or cats with people who will love them and give them a forever home. ”


“Great place that caters to the unwanted or overlooked animals. They really care about the animals there.”


“Heaven on earth”

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