Sponsor a Canine Cabin
or Cat Condo

As a sponsor, your name will be proudly displayed on the front of the cabin and included prominently on our website and in our newsletter.

All of our animal friends deserve a warm, comfortable place to “rest their paws.” Your generous donation will help us provide comfortable living spaces for our residents.

Hallie Hill’s Canine Cabin or Cat Condo sponsorship program provides a great opportunity for individuals, families, private organizations, and businesses to directly support the animals we care for daily. Sponsorship contributions will help ensure that each animal housed at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary has a comfortable home while they are with us.

Our structurally sound, ranch-style, Canine Cabins provide shelter for two to four dogs. Every cabin has one or two cozy suites, complete with straw bedding, heat lamps for the winter, a spacious yard with pastoral views and running water. Many of the cabins have a front porch on which the dogs can relax and enjoy the country atmosphere. Some cabins have waterfront views, while many are adjacent to wooded acreage- a perfect place for watching local wildlife.

Each of our spacious Cat Condos provide shelter for up to twelve cats. Located in the center of the property, our feline guests can enjoy these clean, open-air condos with comfy places to lounge, prime climbing structures and tons of toys to play with.

The cost of sponsoring one Canine Cabin or Cat Condo is $500 annually or $5000 in perpetuity.

*Please know that in order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact, its use will not be restricted to the individual care of the animals in your sponsored cabin, but will be used wherever it is needed most.

Thank You to Our Canine Cabin and Cat Condo Sponsors

♾️ ♥
Hannah and Jared Carl

♾️ ♥
Bill Carswell

♾️ ♥
Ron and Janet Mendola

♾️ ♥
Beatrice Esther Lacey

♾️ ♥
Wanda and Vinnie DellaSperanza

♾️ ♥
Ted and Cheryl McKevlin

♾️ ♥
Good Girl

♥ ♥
John Gratiot and Kathy Ford

Fred Otterbein

Banas Family

Walter and Geraldine Schlauch


Lynda Cottingham

Scott and Christine Bell

♥ ♥
Bedard, Byrd, Cellars Families


Marsha Alterman

Frank and Dorothy Farfone

The Branham Family

Linda Thomas

Tom and Barbara Whetzel

The Hennons

Lisa and Denny Geoffroy

Michael Duren

♥ ♥

Carolina Custom Security and Sound

♥ = 2 years committed to the animals

♥ ♥ = 3 years committed to the animals
♾️  ♥ = committed to the animals for eternity