Hallie Hill Animal Sponsorship

You’re never too old to be loved!


Once we take an animal in, we promise it a home for the remainder of its life, should it not be adopted. Some of these animals have medical issues that will inhibit their chances of adoption. Others have been treated so cruelly by humans in the past that they’re not ready to trust fully and will live a happier life running the grounds at Hallie Hill with other animals.

Regardless of their past, we believe that these beautiful creatures deserve to live the rest of their lives in a nurturing and loving environment. Your contribution will assist in giving them the nutrition, medical assistance and general wellness care they need.

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Bud is an adorable Dalmatian mix with a lot of personality. If you are a Dalmatian lover, consider donating in his honor.


Queenie was one of three stray females trapped in a local neighborhood. X-rays revealed shotgun shrapnel.


Goku was pulled from CAS by Pet Helpers, and adopted out 3 times, but always returned for aggressive/inappropriate behaviors.


Harriet is a fabulous dog and a favorite of many volunteers! She loves for people to rub her belly and give her loving attention.


Chai is a wonderful bundle of energy! At 40 pounds, she is a great size and she loves to spend time with her people.


Charlie is very sweet and a little shy with people at first, but gets along well with other dogs and people he knows.


Jessie was abandoned when his owner was evicted from his property. He loves to run and play with toys.