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About the Sanctuary • Animal Advocacy • Importance of Spay & Neuter • How a Sanctuary differs from a Shelter

Jennifer Middleton Executive Director Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary Speaking EngagementsExecutive Director Jennifer Middleton has been running operations at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary since 2012. Jennifer grew up in the Hollywood, SC area and found herself rescuing animals of all kinds throughout her childhood and into adulthood. Whether it be orphaned opossums or dogs from the roadside, she could not turn away from an animal in distress. Jennifer has a background in teaching and education, working in Charleston County public schools for 17 years. Her passion for learning, teaching, and caring for others has never waned. She has given many talks about her work in animal rescue and the sanctuary itself. Her speaking engagements have ranged from elementary and high school classrooms to professional development meetings and events. There is much to be shared about the work Hallie Hill does in our community, and Jennifer is always thrilled to share her knowledge and experiences with others.

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