Hallie Hill Special Needs Animals

At Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, we believe every animal is adoptable.

However, our special needs animals are not for the faint of heart.

They are each unique, and as such, have unique needs.

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Approx DOB 1/4/18
Breed Shepherd Mix
Special Needs Undersocialized;fearful

Becky came to Hallie Hill from another rescue who tried very hard to socialize her and help her overcome her fear of people.  Sadly, Becky only progressed so far and is still very fearful being close to people.  She does get brave enough to accept treats from people she knows well.  She feels much more comfortable when with other dogs.


Approx DOB 3/2/19
Breed Mixed Breed
Special Needs Undersocialized;fearful

Blossom is a stunning girl with a beautiful white coat and adorable face.  She was unable to be adopted from a local shelter because she would tremble in fear any time she was touched.  Being in the company of other dogs helps to reduce her anxiety. 


Approx DOB 3/26/20
Breed Hound mix
Special Needs Very shy

Plum is a playful and even silly girl when she relaxes.  She thrives in the company of other dogs.  She takes time to adjust to a new environment and will need time to trust her new family.  She will not feel comfortable going new places or meeting new people, but would do better with a familiar yard.


Approx DOB 3/20/13
Breed Beagle mix
Special Needs Inappropriate potty habits

Betty is a sweet little lady. In true Beagle fashion, she is spunky and fun!

As noted above, Betty is not house trained. She was adopted at one point, and though the family tried for months, she would relieve herself/soil all over house and on furniture, despite regular opportunities to go outside. Due to  these potty habits, she will need to be in a home where she has secure, regular outdoor access. Betty will also tear up soft surfaces.

One meeting with this little girl and you will fall in love.


Bogart is a sweet boy who sadly was not socialized before coming to us. He is very afraid of people, and will take a lot of patience and time to warm up. He “pancakes” when you are able to get him on a leash. Bogart would like to be in a home with another dog who can teach him that humans are good! He will need a place where he can keep his distance in a safe spot until he is ready to interact.


Approx DOB 5/13/13
Breed Shepherd mix
Special Needs Very very shy

Elroy is hesitant and reserved, but finds comfort when around other dogs. He will bark at you from afar and will take a lot of extra time and patience to warm up enough to get close.


Approx DOB 12/1/10
Breed Mixed
Special Needs Under Socialized

Frodo has been at the sanctuary since 2017. He was very under-socialized and had avoided people altogether. He has come to warm up to some of our long-time volunteers. Frodo is very shy and will need lots of patience, time and space to feel comfortable in a home. A fenced in yard would be best.


Approx DOB 8/15/18
Breed Retriever mix
Special Needs Shy

Miss Olive is a shy girl who is very nervous around people. BUT! She blossoms and becomes a more confident dog around other pups! She is taking her time to warm up to people here at the sanctuary with the help of her doggie companions. We think her perfect forever home would be where she has a confident, people-loving doggie sibling to show her the ropes! Olive is comfortable walking on a leash.


Approx DOB 5/25/16
Breed Chihuahua mix
Special Needs Very shy

Nugget is very shy. While he enjoys grabbing a snack from your hand, he does not enjoy being pet or hanging around humans much. Nugget will need another dog in the home who is very confident and likes both people and other dogs. He does not like other small dogs – seems to get along better with larger dogs. He will need to live in a home with a fenced in yard, and be able to keep his distance.


Approx DOB 4/12/2016
Breed Hound mix
Special Needs Very very shy

Dora is a beautiful girl who is very nervous and shy. She will take a long time to warm up, and is fearful of strangers. She likes to keep her distance.


Approx DOB 4/11/2013
Breed Hound
Special Needs Separation Anxiety

Bodean is a sweet hound, with a great hound bark! He came to us from a foster-based rescue that discovered he really disliked being in a home. He is destructive inside, and can’t be left alone indoors. Any potential adopter will have to have to provide a safe and secure fenced in yard, and lots of patience. He will need an area outdoors where he has access to shelter.


Approx DOB 04/04/2017
Breed Domestic Longhair mix
Special Needs Plays too aggressively

April is a beautiful cat. Her beauty is what many are drawn to! April is with us because she is not much a fan of people. She can be mouthy and unpredictable. If you want a cat to interact with you, and enjoy pets – April is not going to be your lady. She likes being on her own! April also requires regular grooming.


Approx DOB 10/7/2016
Breed Domestic Longhair mix
Special Needs Unpredictable, Bite Risk

Matthew is a very handsome kitty. He is with us because he is very unpredictable and will bite. Before he came to us, he was kept in a cage day and night. His lack of socialization is not his fault – and he is welcome to stay at the sanctuary for as long as he needs.