Volunteering at Hallie Hill

Hallie Hill Volunteers will have the opportunity to give each of our animals the special love, care and attention they need.

Volunteers assist in hands-on upkeep of the sanctuary. From brushing and bathing animals, to cleaning up old toys and washing water bowls, our volunteers cover all bases. They also help by cleaning our barn, sweeping doghouse porches, and even shovel dirt to cover our furry friends’ holes!

In addition, volunteers will spend time socializing with our animals by playing with toys, giving out treats, going on walks and more. Volunteers also assist with events, fundraisers, and transporting animals to veterinary appointments.

The list of volunteer responsibilities goes on, and no matter the volunteer, we can assure a hands-on and fulfilling experience. We have so much appreciation for our volunteers, and the animals at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary are never afraid to show their excitement, either!