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In addition to our large annual fundraisers, you can help raise funds for the animals at Hallie Hill through a variety of fun events throughout the year. Click here to learn of some of our fundraising events coming soon!

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Remember Those That Have Crossed
the Rainbow Bridge with our

Angel’s Crossing
Candlelight Vigil

Saturday, February 11th  |  6:30pm

We know how much a pet can change your life. From their happy dance at the door when you come home to cuddles on the couch, they have shown you a love that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to remember the pets you have loved and lost or honor the many homeless pets that lose their lives each year, everyone is welcome to join us in remembrance. Hot beverages and cookies will be provided.

As a non-profit organization, Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary relies on the support of the Charleston and Hollywood SC community for funds to fulfill our mission of rescuing dogs and cats and finding forever homes for them. Beyond our myriad fundraisers we do each year, personal and corporate donations are vital sources of money that we could not function without. We appreciate all the support of individuals and corporations through the donations to our animal shelter near Charleston, SC and we thank everyone who volunteers and supports us.