With our Laps For Love fundraiser just a few days away, we wanted to share our special animals that your donation benefits. 

Lolly is a chubby little beagle mix who, through no fault of her own, was surrendered to a local county animal shelter. The shelter was so overcrowded that Lolly was being held in a crate until a spot opened up for her. She was likely a candidate for euthanasia, being a senior with skin rashes and a neurological issue that gave her an unsteady gait. When a shelter worker contacted Hallie Hill asking if we would accept Lolly into our program, we could save her life because of your support. Lolly waddles daily around the sanctuary and really enjoys sniffing in the open fields. She hopes to one day catch a squirrel, but the squirrels don’t look worried by her latest attempts. Someone may adopt Lolly despite her age and unsteady gait, but if not, she is promised a home here at Hallie Hill for as long as she needs it.

Dolly was found as a stray by a family who brought her to us for care as they already had a few dogs.  Dolly was very feeble to be only about 2 years old because she had painful, swollen joints on all four legs.  She also had an abscessed tooth. Dr Badger at West Ashley Veterinary clinic did an amazing job diagnosing and treating her immune-associated arthritis.  After proper medication, her joint swelling was down and she was a happy comfortable girl.  Dolly’s infected tooth was removed and the wound on her cheek was repaired.  She now is quite the character with a beautiful voice and is safe at the sanctuary awaiting someone to choose her to take home.

Leigh, a long-time volunteer at the sanctuary, spotted a small grey tabby kitten on the edge of a rural road. She was surprised when he did not run away as she bicycled past him. She stopped her bike and spoke softly to him. That was all the encouragement the little guy needed to start dragging himself as fast as he could toward her as if his life depended on him getting to her before she left! Leigh brought him to the sanctuary because he could not stand and seemed to have no use of his hind legs, which were atrophied from lack of use. We named him Max- since he put forth “max”imum effort to survive and be rescued. Max was cleaned up, given plenty of food and water, and examined by our vet, who x-rayed him to determine his little spine was badly broken. Max later visited a neurologist who gave us a good prognosis: Max could possibly walk again once his spinal injury had time to heal. A strict regimen of crate rest was prescribed. Max has been adopted by his foster care-givers.

Alfredo is about a 10-year-old yellow tabby cat that came to us as a found stray. He was thin and seemed to be hungry all the time. After only a day with us, we knew he would have some medical issues, and he was quickly diagnosed as a diabetic. Alfredo receives an insulin injection every 12 hours and is gaining weight nicely. Alfredo has a winning personality and is the most adorable little guy! We hope an adopter will consider him even though he requires extra care.