Carol grew up in a golfing family; her dad was a PGA Tour player and Club Pro.
Saying she is a true Dawg fan is an understatement, Carol graduated from UGA with a
BA in psychology. But her true calling is teaching golf, coaching players of all abilities
and being recognized as one of the best golf teachers in America.

Growing up, Carol loved cats but didn’t rescue her first hound dog until she
moved from Marietta Ga. to Charleston. She now lives with her 6 year old rescue dog
Roscoe, a sweet Treeing Walker/Siberian Husky mix. Looking for a playmate for
Roscoe, Carol adopted Beau, an American Foxhound. After a year, the relationship
between them became strained, and thankfully Hallie Hill came to the rescue.

“Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary gave Beau a safe haven to grow into an adoptable
dog. When I visit Beau often, his personality shines. It warms my heart to know that
Beau is now helping abused dogs become more social. The entire staff at Hallie Hill is a
blessing to the low country, and they need our support more than ever!”