We are pleased to announce HHAS has adopted the methods and philosophies of the Fear Free Shelter Program. Michele Griffin, CPDT-KA, the HHAS Assistant Director, has not only a passion for pets but one for educating people about understanding companion animals and the best methods for working with them. Michele has led our current continuing education campaign wherein the sanctuary staff is completing a course to learn the best practices for working with animals in a way that improves their emotional experiences and reduces their fear, anxiety, and frustration. Volunteers are also welcome to complete this course to better understand some key strategies and techniques that will make a positive impact on the emotional state of the animals in our care. Every month for the next several months, we will highlight what one of our staff members found most interesting or valuable about the program.

“The thing I love most about our staff and volunteers embracing and using the Fear Free Shelter philosophy and techniques is having everyone on the same page with the way they handle and interact with our animals – care, and consistency is so important. So much research has been done in recent years, proving that, like us, dogs and cats are sentient beings with feelings and emotions. Small, easy changes in the way we do things with them makes such a huge impact on their comfort and wellbeing.” -Michele Griffin