With the hot South Carolina temperatures that summer brings, frozen treats can be enriching and help your dog beat the heat. You can combine most dog-friendly ingredients to make your pup a cool treat.

We received a chest freezer through donations, so we will be making these frozen enrichment treats for the dogs at the sanctuary

Here’s what you need:

Space in the freezer is a must!! Make some room for your dog’s special summer treat, so you have guaranteed space to chill it.

Find a container to freeze your concoction in. It should be large enough that the contents don’t melt immediately once leaving the cool temperatures, but small enough it will fit in your freezer.

You can include your dogs favorite snacks like treats, veggies, fruit, cheese, or meat to make your frozen treat tasty. Top it with a liquid such as water, yogurt, or sugar-free fruit juice.

Here’s how to assemble:

Place some of your pup’s favorite snacks in the bottom of the container. Add your liquid of choice and freeze for 30 minutes.

You can repeat multiple times with different layers for extra flavor, or can just stick to one layer. Finally, freeze for a few hours, or until frozen solid.

Once ready, serve outside, or any place where a sticky cleanup won’t be an issue. We hope your dogs love these frozen treats, and stay cool this summer.