BEST NEWS EVER!!! Holly was adopted by the wonderful woman who saw her for the work of art she is. Rae Anne Tharp Leimbach has been fostering and has now agreed to adopt our “hairless Holly”. Rae Anne has shown incredible patience and love as Holly adapted to wearing clothes, living in a home with other cherished pets, and allowing her family to give her affection. Holly was first spotted living under a filthy trailer and eating out of a trash pile. Daniela Schneider rescued her, and wept at her initial condition of being emaciated, hairless, and horribly frightened. I tried to comfort Daniela as I told her that I did not see Holly ever being adopted because of her inability to be leashed and general lack of socialization. I told Daniela not to worry- because Holly could have a forever home at Hallie Hill. Little did I know that Rae Anne was out there with an incredible heart and room for one more furry friend under her roof. Thank you Rae Anne for seeing past her looks and being patient with her until her personality could shine through! And if Holly could talk, she would thank you too.