Please help us provide preventative for our 200+ animals

We spend about $30,000 per year on monthly heartworm and flea prevention for our dogs and cats.

YOU can help us by contributing to Healthy Hearts for Hallie Hill! All donations made go to our MAGIC (Medical And Geriatric Care) Fund and will be used to purchase preventative for our animals. Click here to give today.

🥉 “Heart of Bronze”: Donate 1 month of preventative for a dog or cat and you will be recognized in our Howler newsletter!

🥈 “Heart of Silver”: Donate 1 year of preventative for a dog or cat and you will be recognized in our Howler newsletter, and on social media!

🥇 “Heart of Gold”: Donate 1 year of preventative for 5 dogs or cats and you will not only be recognized in our Howler newsletter and social media – but you will also receive a private tour of the sanctuary!

About Heartworms
Many animals arrive at HHAS infected with heartworms. Treating heart worms is costly and time consuming. First, the dog is given a heartworm preventative that kills the immature heart worms (larvae). This not only prevents new adult heart worms, but it reduces the possibility of mosquitoes spreading the heart worms to other animals. Secondly, the dog is given an antibiotic twice daily for 30 days prior to the treatment. The antibiotic weakens the adult heart worms by killing a bacteria that lives inside their gut. Immiticide is a series of three injections that kill the adult heart worms and it requires that the dog be crated or otherwise kept quiet for eight consecutive weeks. We counsel adopters that heartworm prevention is simple and relatively inexpensive compared to treatment. Thanks to generous contributions, the residents of the sanctuary receive heartworm and flea prevention monthly.
– J. Middleton

Healthy Hearts for Hallie Hill