Dear friends of Hallie Hill,

We want to express how grateful and humbled we are that so many have asked how they can help with our mission during these difficult times. We want to share with you how COVID-19 is affecting us:

Events being cancelled/postponed:

  • Putting for Paws Annual Golf Tournament: Postponed until November 16th.
  • ‘Pawp Up’ Yard Sale: Postponed, new date to be determined.
  • Several community engagements: Cancelled.
  • The volunteer program has been suspended for their safety and that of the staff.
  • Our regular vet, West Ashley Veterinary Clinic, is only taking emergency cases, so we have had to postpone a few surgeries and check ups.
  • We are still admitting cats and dogs from our waitlist as spaces become available.
  • We are still conducting adoptions under a more controlled environment using the recommended practice of social distancing.

This unprecedented pandemic event has everyone understandably anxious. It is frustrating to battle an invisible foe where the only defense is seclusion. Here at Hallie Hill, we too are worried because several of our upcoming fundraisers have been postponed. As the Executive Director, I have reached a point of desperation and have agreed to be a runner in our Bridge the Gap Fundraiser. In previous years, I only served as a fundraiser for the event and it has raised as much as $15,000 for the animals of Hallie Hill! This year, the event has been rescheduled during the heat of August and our pledges are down. We have decided to still run the bridge, just not with the big crowds! Instead, most of us will run on April 11th. While some people may enjoy running, anyone who knows me, knows I have the lungs of an 80-year-old chain smoker. I would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick than to run uphill. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the dogs and cats of HH! I make no promises of speed, grace, or agility, but if you sponsor me in this run, I pledge to make it completely over the bridge. Video on the day of the run should be amusing to some and will serve as my memorial for my family if I die in the attempt!

[Edit: Want to see the video of the run? Click here!]

Stay safe, everyone, and be happy your pets can’t give you Coronavirus, or visa versa! Because how could we stay 6 feet away from them?!!