Moxie is a sweet girl who is great with people and dogs and absolutely adores her bed. She will keep to herself but does get spurts of energy and will get playful and silly. If you are looking for someone to greet you at the door when you come home with happy barks and wags, Moxie is your girl! She loves to go for walks and say hello other dogs while on leash, which is something that can be worked on. She also loves to bask in the sun out in the yard.

Moxie came to us from a local shelter. We have her listed as special needs as she had a hole in the roof of her mouth that is thought to have been caused by a stick becoming lodged between her teeth. We had three surgeries conducted to repair the hole, but unfortunately it did not take. She acts “normal”, but this condition can result in nasal discharge and she has bouts of excessive sneezing. She has also been treated for heartworm and is now heartworm negative.

Moxie doesn’t need daily special care but she does have these issues that a potential adopter will need to consider. She has been in foster care and her foster mom would be more than happy to discuss her with a potential adopter.

*the money may not go directly to the sponsored animal, but will be used where it will have the greatest impact.


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January 26, 2023