Handmade Quilt Raffle

Benefitting Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary

Hallie Hill Quilt Raffle

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Handmade Quilt Raffle!

The raffle raised over $2,100 for the animals of Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary.

We would like to thank Donna Gamble for making and generously donating this beautiful quilt to Hallie Hill.

Congratulations to the winner Catherine Giles!

Donna Gamble

Like many people from the Northeast, it only took one trip here to the lowcountry of South Carolina to become hooked!

Our family consists of three rescues, a bloodhound mix, a blue tick coonhound and our newest member from Hallie Hill, a Staffordshire Terrier. All three with unique personalities and are a tight pack who keep track of each other. We are strong advocates of dog safety and wellness and letting them shine in their own light. Our Bloodhound does search and rescue work, our blue tick joins in the search and rescue training as does our Terrier but his passion is swimming in the Atlantic (equipped with his life jacket).

I have tremendous admiration for the volunteers’ devotion and good works that make Hallie Hill a success and wanted to contribute.