Rehome a Pet

While the sanctuary is a wonderful place for those animals whose chances for adoption are lower due to medical or behavioral needs, it can be a very active environment which some animals may find stressful. If your pet is used to living in a home, the best option for finding them a new home may be to find the right fit yourself. You know your pet best.

Below are resources for finding your pet a new home in a process that puts much less stress on both you and your pet.

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Both of these sites allow you to list your pet on their site for free in order to find a new loving home.

Some pointers:

  • Use well-lit, attractive photos.
  • Write plenty information in the bio section about your pet. Include notes about their personality, and what their ideal home would be like.
  • is especially helpful for specific breeds. Individuals who are looking to adopt a certain breed will set alerts, and be notified as soon as your pet is listed. We have had many find success this way.
  • We recommend asking any potential adopters for their vet information. You can give their vet office a quick call to ensure they take good care of their animals. also has very helpful information for keeping your pet.
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