I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. I lived in Texas most of my life until moving to South Carolina three years ago. I moved here to be closer to my stepfather and mother. My stepfather Les suffered from a stroke during his third heart surgery, and his health was a concern. I helped him as much as possible when I got here by going with him to physical therapy and supporting him the best I knew how. He made great improvements and recovered well. Being close to my family is wonderful, and South Carolina quickly became home. Soon after moving here, I started working at Water’s Edge Restaurant on Shem Creek. I accepted a management position in July of 2020. When I have time, I love to go fishing, play golf, explore the wilderness, and watch movies.
Over four years ago, I decided to seek help from addiction to drugs and alcohol. God placed the right people in my life to guide me in my recovery and show me a new way to live. Part of my recovery process involves being of service. I began to look for places to volunteer and Hallie Hill was on the top of my list. The sanctuary supports a no-kill community and takes in animals that might never get adopted due to age, medical condition, or behavioral issues. Many of these animals deserve a second chance, much like the one I was given. A new life without fear of abuse or violence, surrounded by people who love and care for them.
Volunteering my time and working at the sanctuary is the brightest part of my week. Every staff member is passionate about their mission and commits themselves to helping animals every day. I have a great deal of respect for everyone who pours their heart into making sure that Hallie Hill continues to provide a quality level of care for these animals.