Hallie Hill Welcomes Elio Levy To the Board of Directors!

Mr. Levy comes to Hallie Hill with a wealth of experience in the field of Information Technology, including strategic planning, customer recruitment and management and marketing planning strategies! We welcome him to the Hallie Hill family!

Mr. Levy, and his wife, Ellen, live in Ravenel with two beloved pets, Oliver and Joye. Oliver is a beautiful cat, 14 years young and Joye (Bobo) is their 10 year old canine cutie!

Mr. Levy shares his thoughts with us on the joy of having pets: “Animals are special beings and those who have been lucky enough to experience a connection with them know it very well. Animal nobility is a true teaching. Thanks to them we are more humble, empathetic, loving people. They give us their love unconditionally, without asking for anything in return, doing us good.”