#HeatOurHomes for the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived and with it cooler temperatures. Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is holding an online donation drive to raise funds to pay for the sanctuary’s winter electricity bills. The #HeatOurHomes online donation drive will help keep the animals at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary warm throughout the winter months. 

With over 30 acres of land, Hallie Hill provides sanctuary for up to 200 animals at a time. The facility features 12 Cat Condos and 67 Canine Cabins, each equipped with straw bedding and heat lamps to help keep animals comfortable during the colder months. With such a large number of animals to accommodate, comes a hefty electricity bill each month. To help pay for the electricity associated with keeping heat lamps on, Hallie Hill is asking the community to donate to #HeatOurHomes this winter.