Susan Bedard is in the volunteer spotlight this month! She has been a regular on Sundays visiting the dogs and enriching their lives with her patient demeanor and special treats brought from home! Susan has hand sewn little bow ties and signs for the leashes that alert people that the dogs are adoptable when they are in the public eye – they have their very own ‘dresser’!! Her sewing skills are also put to very good use repairing torn dog jackets, which seems to happen a lot around here! Susan works as a nurse, but regulars at HHAS think she should moonlight as a baker, because she makes the best pound cakes EVER to share with the staff and volunteers! Susan takes her homemade cakes to work with her and puts a HHAS donation jar on the table. If her coworkers want to indulge in her tasty treats (and who wouldn’t?) they have to donate to Hallie Hill to do so! If all of this wasn’t enough, Susan recently adopted our Otis, an older hound with no experience in a home. He has tested her patience repeatedly with housetraining, but she still spoils him rotten. Susan is now fostering an older gal named Martha, and our fingers are crossed that Susan will think she is great company for Otis! Thank you Susan, we appreciate you!!