Marsha Alterman’s commitment to loving and respecting animals has been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember. In grade school, she would ride her bike on weekends to the shelter to play with the dogs even though she had several of her own at home. One of her fondest memories was the day she purposely popped a hole in her tire so her father would have to come “rescue” her. He arrived to find her in a cage refusing to get out unless Linus was rescued as well. Linus joined the family and lived with his beautiful wife, Geraldine (another rescue). No surprise that was Marsha’s last day at the shelter but not her last day rescuing dogs!

There has been only one time in Marsha’s life when she didn’t have dogs: Graduate school at GW University and while working in DC (9yrs). Marsha moved back to Charleston to marry Doug and to get dogs. She has 2 incredible daughters (Lily and Rosie who are blessed with the “dog” gene), 2 amazing dogs (Olive and Maddie), and 2 hysterical turtles (Ethel Mertz and Frida Kahlo).

Marsha recent retirement from Tricounty Family Ministries has afforded her the opportunity to volunteer at Hallie Hill as well as join the Board.

She believes there is no such thing as an ugly dog, having too many dogs, or a dog that doesn’t need a hug.