Josh Taber and Donna Gamble are a dynamic duo who have been volunteering regularly on Sundays to clean and improve Hallie Hill’s beautiful cemetery, Angels’ Crossing. It is a big job to maintain Angels’ Crossing. Josh and Donna do the necessary maintenance, like trimming trees, leveling gravestones, and fighting the weeds. They have also added small flags to embellish the walkways and sturdy handmade benches where visitors can sit, rest, and reflect as they walk the winding paths through the peaceful wooded space. Josh and Donna’s generous donation of their time, energy, and unique skills has beautified this incredibly special place for everyone to appreciate.
We also have Donna to thank for the annual donation of her beautiful, handmade quilts, which we raffle to benefit the animals at the Sanctuary each November. This year, the raffle raised over $6,400 for the animals of Hallie Hill. We at Hallie Hill are so grateful and lucky to have volunteers with these unique talents to help make the Sanctuary a remarkable place for humans and animals alike. Thank you, Donna and Josh; we are blessed to have you as valued members of our Hallie Hill family.