“I was born in Iowa, moved to Maryland in elementary school, and then I found the beautiful Lowcountry on a Spring Break with my family in 2006. My sister Joan, “the other cat sister” transferred to SC in 2012. So, retirement in the Charleston area in December of 2018 seemed like a good fit for me! In April of 2019, the cat sisters
made their debut in the Hallie Hill Cattery!
I have had rescued cats in my life most of my 60+ years. I guess I should really say those cats rescued me! Cats are very attentive, vocal, amusing, and therapeutic in my opinion. Additionally, I feel cats are generally low maintenance. How can you
not love someone who snuggles and purrs?
Katerina came home with me in March of 2021, and she has brought so much
joy to my life. With my 40+ years of nursing experience, modified for cats, and
my sister’s willingness to do the hard physical labor, we make a great team. If
you make an appointment to foster or adopt a cat on most Sunday mornings,
you can see the cat sisters in action!”