Susan Bedard is an amazing lady. We have too many good things to say about her! Her only fault is that she doesn’t want us to use her picture! Susan is one of those behind the scenes people who make sure the job gets done. She volunteers in the cattery making sure everything is clean and the cats are well fed and socialized. She volunteers to work the table at public events, telling everyone who will listen about the mission of Hallie Hill.

Susan is also an exceptionally talented person whose skill at baking has probably put 20 pounds on our Executive Director with all her delicious pound cakes, brownies and fudge. We are so fortunate that Susan is also a very skilled at sewing because she embroiders bags, keychains, koozies and even the many hats needed for our golf tournament!

Susan is a recurring donor of money and supplies. She also donates items to our auctions or raffles. She has adopted a dog, but also fosters senior dogs, making their last years very special. We love you Susan and can’t thank you enough for all you do for the animals of Hallie Hill!