Little “Dan the Man” was brought to an area shelter where it was determined that Dan was deaf and blind, which made him less adoptable. Due to his challenges, the shelter knew he would do better in a less stressful environment. Since arriving at the sanctuary, we’ve noticed he can “see” in some capacity, possibly shadows. He sways his head when he’s walking around, which we lovingly call his Stevie Wonder sway. He can be picked up easily once he knows you’re there and kind of expects it. Dan enjoys massages and head scratches. He sleeps a lot, but will try to follow you when you are walking around. He does not like anyone to mess with his food so we just let him eat and once he wanders away from the area we clean up whatever he may have missed or dropped. He will potty when brought outside but will potty inside as well. We haven’t tried a belly band on him yet but as long as he’s okay with wearing one, it will be very helpful. Dan deserves a home where he can spend the rest of his life feeling secure and loved.

*the money may not go directly to the sponsored animal, but will be used where it will have the greatest impact.


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January 26, 2023