Hallie Hill’s Outreach Program has paid for surgeries and medical care, built dog houses, delivered dog food, cat food, and even straw for bedding to pet owners unable to provide for their pets. Most recently, the sanctuary was asked to help with some local feral cat colonies.
Many people can’t resist putting out a small bowl of food when they see a stray cat wander into their backyard. Before they know it, they find themselves feeding 20 or more feral cats. Hallie Hill has devoted resources to reducing the overpopulation of free-roaming cats in both Hollywood and Ravenel. In recent months we successfully trapped 24 feral cats for spay/neuter surgery. One home owner admitted feeding the cats was quite an expense and accepted our offer to trap and transport them to the Charleston Animal Society for sterilization and vaccinations before being released. We would like to recognize Charleston Animal Society for providing the traps and medical care at no charge. Also a special “thanks” to DeeDee Tyler for providing her trapping expertise and special equipment for this project.