I adopted Eugenie as a puppy from Hallie Hill eight years ago. Eugenie, her mother and her siblings were picked up from a road in Hollywood, all with a severe case of mange. When I brought Eugenie home, my husband said, ” that’s not a puppy, that’s a rat,” as she had little to no hair. All of my adult dogs snarled and growled at her, but to no avail, as her innate confidence made her the alpha of our pack in no time at all. She was the easiest puppy in the world to train – never chewed anything and had only one accident in the house! Eugenie is extremely calm, confident and personable. We often visit a nearby assisted living facility – she is totally nonplussed by wheel chairs, scooters, walkers, etc., and loves to entertain. When we go to the vet for appointments, she treats the waiting room as if she were greeting guests arriving for a party at her house! Over the last eight years, Eugenie and I have walked, hiked and run about two thousand miles per year. She is a phenomenal companion – and from her homely and humble beginnings, who knew!!
-Eugenie’s Mom