We are so excited about everything coming up at the sanctuary this year. We will expand our volunteer program by continuing to welcome new volunteers, adding new sign-up opportunities with cats and dogs as well as other opportunities such as maintenance and clerical assistance, and building an enrichment team, to name just a few. We currently have three levels or tiers of volunteer status for our dog volunteers. It’s up to each volunteer to decide if you would like to advance through the tiers or stay at a specific tier; either is okay as we have multiple opportunities at every tier. Those who would like to advance to tier three will now be required to complete the “Fear Free Shelter Program.”
The Fear Free Shelter Program is an internationally known program that is completed online. After a brief introduction to Fear Free, volunteers will work
through four mandatory modules, which must be taken in consecutive order. Each module will end with an exam, which must be successfully completed before moving on to the next module. Progress on work can be saved at any time, giving you the flexibility to self-pace throughout the program. The core modules take approximately 5 hours to complete. You will be awarded a Fear Free Shelter Program Certificate of Completion when all four modules are completed. You can learn more about the program and register here: https://fearfreeshelters.com/about/. To register for the course, you will need a signed form from us. You can find them on the bulletin board in the tack room or email Michele at [email protected].
All staff have completed the course, and our amazing volunteers Lynn Rosato, Laura Tudor, Lorraine Guyton, and Dareen Seipel have also completed it! Way to go, ladies; thank you for your dedication to understanding and improving the lives of our sanctuary residents!