Elder Pet Adoption Spotlight

We all age. Every day, every week, every month and year. The same is true for our pets! Many people take great care of their animals until they day they say goodbye to them. But sadly, there are people who surrender their senior pets. They trade in an ailing dog or feeble cat for something new and young, a puppy or kitten. Hallie Hill is an Animal Sanctuary, which is sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety. We take in the older dogs and cats as we are able and have space. The animals we take in will always have a home here. It is so sad to see an animal arrive, frightened and confused. We do our best to love them for as long as they are with us. But then, there are the unselfish acts of those who look for and adopt the aged ones.

I asked Kaydee, who adopted a senior pet from Hallie Hill, to share her story. Kaydee opened her heart to an aged cat named Dot. Dot is probably in her teens. She has only 1 or 2 teeth left. She had come in from the outside cat pens to be an “office cat”. Kaydee says, “Dot is the oldest cat that we have ever adopted, and she is spectacular!!! She is by far the kindest cat to every member of the family. She allows my youngest child to carry her around, something I was very worried about for Dots safety in the beginning. With reassurance from Dana and Jennifer that Dot would be able to jump high to get away if needed, and that if Dot was not the right fit for our home, she would be welcome again at Hallie Hill, we decided to bring her home. I was worried that Dot at her senior age may not feel comfortable leaving her friends and her office at Hallie Hill and adapting to a new environment. I thought that she may prefer the quite home of retired persons. I was wrong, she fits into our young family perfectly! She is full of energy and loves to play with bouncy balls. She carries them in her nearly toothless mouth to the top of the stairs and drops them down and chases them all around the house. She follows us outside for dog walks. She has made our house her own, with a spot on each bed and chair as she follows the sun around the house. When it’s mealtime, Dot is the first to keep me company as I cook and always happy for a handout around the table. She is always wanting to be in someone’s lap and even adores my two year old. What was most surprising to me is that a senior cat such as Dot, with only one tooth left in her mouth and missing a claw on her left hind paw, has so much beautiful fun energy and love to share with our family! I hope everyone will take the time to visit adult and elderly animals and give them a try in their home.”

Hallie Hill has a large selection of older pets (10+ years old). You can visit our website and look through the dogs and cats seeking a home of their own. View our dogs up for adoption View our cats up for adoption. If you find one you are interested in, please fill out an application. Then follow up with a phone call to make an appointment to meet the dog or cat and interview with Jennifer, our Director. (843) 889-3713 or (843) 200-4120. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!